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  Our belief is that the world of business is in a constant state of flux.  Rapidly evolving, it is fully integrated into the world of the Information Age where the convergence of the enterprise, creativity and emerging technologies will surely become one of the most critical mediums for the collection and exchange of information.   For nearly all businesses, we believe that great numbers of corporate clients will gravitate towards firms like Creative Capital Works!;  firms that can fully leverage knowledge and expertise about the modern business model.  The great speed at which this development is evolving is driven by the capability and power of the Internet and the technologies yet to come, reducing costs related to the sale and delivery of goods and services through nontraditional sources and distribution and by its capacity to support new relationships of:

business-to-consumer and
consumer-to-consumer relationships.

We see all business being affected, driven further by the increasing awareness of and by the relatively inexpensive global access to the explosion of the information age and the immersion of the individual, the entrepreneur and the business universe.

Our team, investment bankers, executive officers, directors and investors have strong relationships with corporate issuers, venture capitalists and others in the financial services sector.  In addition, our senior investment banking and research staff of professionals have a history of working with companies and fully developing and fine tuning their Business Strategies utilizing the talents of Creative Capital Works!

  Resourcing and Underwriting - Public and Private :
Creative Capital Works! is a pioneer in the business of online and non traditional resources and services. Creative Capital Works! can help you with financing through business plan development, strategic planning and our full array of consulting services.  We also offer assistance with Private Placements,   Initial Public Offerings, Secondary and Follow-On Offerings, as well as Combination Offerings.

  Consulting and Advisory Services: In addition to our capital raising services,  Creative Capital Works! also provides financial advisory services including developing strategies, professionally appropriate business plans, and mergers and acquisitions. These activities complement our public and private equity businesses and allow us to offer a mix of investment banking services to our clients during the course of their development.  Senior members of our management team have had advisory relationships with a number of corporations.

   Creative Capital Works!  has a private equity group that may assist private and public corporate issuers, as well as investment funds, in the raising of private capital.

   Creative Capital Works!  research department is prepared to assist in all aspects, stages and levels of business research. We are ever aware of the trends and movements in the growing markets.  We believe that high quality performance requires a high quality team. A team that can perform.  We believe that knowledge is the key and with it many doors are unlocked.   Our prestigious associates and partners are always creatively investigating opportunities and the marketplace.  Let us put this information and our knowledge to work for you. 
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